Night-Time Rituals

Image credit: Averie Woodard

Image credit: Averie Woodard

We all have our night time routines. We ritualistically remove the day's dirt from our physical bodies, but how often do we give attention to the energetic grime we pick up?

We’re constantly absorbing energy around us, both positive and negative. Interactions and conversations, things we read, watch and hear, all leave an energetic imprint. And the denser and more negative energies can leave us drained and scattered.

A simple energetic clearing before you go to bed is a great nightly habit to get into. I highly recommend the following clearing written by Christie Marie Sheldon* 


Everything of a lower density, lower than love, that I have taken into my system today, I delete and uncreate it all.

Everything that I was today that wasn't generous, inviting, kind and full of love for me, I delete and uncreate it all.

And everywhere I have no idea who I am to be, I delete and uncreate it all.


* you can see more of Christie Marie's work at www.

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