Soulful Forgiveness is deep soul forgiveness, resulting in a positive transformation of energy. 

If you are seeking to be free of negative emotions which no longer serve you, or you are experiencing heartache, broken heart, anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, have forgiveness challenges and more, Soulful Forgiveness will be beneficial. 



Soul healer Lisa is remarkable. Divinely gifted, she creates a space to help anyone to find their inner spirituality and then to enable growth. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are seeking to grow spiritually. With an open heart she will transform your life. Bless you.
— Stefanie

“I have now attended 5 Soulful Forgiveness Workshops and each one has been more profound than the previous one. I feel lighter; I feel so much gratitude for having Lisa in my life; I feel so much love for the people in my life who are creating upsets for me to heal, it's just amazing. When you are introduced into this paradigm of Soulful Forgiveness, your life will never be the same. 

Thank you Lisa for being the facilitator of this amazing healing modality.”

- M.M

I attended the Soulful Forgiveness Workshop and was deeply moved by what I experienced. Lisa’s manner, personality and tone is perfect for what your soul needs. And the workshop further entrenched my beliefs about continuous self growth.
— D.T.I

“Attending Lisa's Workshop is a privilege. I have been lucky enough to be part of  three so far. Each time I have been able to address some issues in my life that I have been leaving on the back burner, as they say. 

Lisa provides an environment to help facilitate the healing process and she imparts her wisdom with the attendees. These workshops are highly recommended.”


Dear Lisa, I’m so grateful for your work and for choosing this path of guiding others through their healing process. You are a major part of my life journey and I’m so grateful to have found you.

Thank you for the amazing task you undertook to help others to find their way out of difficult times.
— Cristina

“I find Lisa to be passionate about her soul’s path on this earth to awaken others to the healing of the soul within each of us. Through her own journey and her working with and for divine source to help and assist us to heal and to see that we are more than just a physical being on this earth.

Felt enlightened and my heart felt lighter from this workshop. Thank you Lisa for your work and your gift to humanity.”

- S.W

Lisa’s Soulful Forgiveness workshops are life changing. Attending today’s Soulful Forgiveness workshop was the key for me to release all forgiveness I was holding onto.

Now I am able to forgive and let go and now see it as a learning journey. Now I know I can have unconditional love. My journey with Lisa has changed my life and all the miracles I have witnessed and I know there is more to come.
— Angela

“I attended Lisa's workshop on 17/02/2019 - WONDERFUL. I received a magical healing towards the end of the workshop. It was profound. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who has the call to AWAKENING. 10/10. Thank you Lisa.”

- H.D

“I am blessed to have Lisa enter my life at a time of spiritual need. I have felt the uniqueness, importance and power behind your energetic healing that you have facilitated. I am blessed and honoured for the wealth of knowledge that you share with such passion, love and commitment.

Lisa you have enlightened me and allow such amazing soulful growth to happen. I am blessed in your presence and grateful to share your knowledge to assist humanity.”

- L.

Thank you Lisa for a wonderful fulfilling workshop, it was really soul healing on a lot of levels and I am always interested in what you have to say. I walk out feeling much lighter and ready to conquer the world again. God bless
— S.S

“Lisa makes the process of forgiveness very direct, simple and easy. Most importantly, the whole process is very healing and elevating. I am excited to see and observe how much I'll shift over the next few days.

Lisa's reminders of the importance of soul growth is now even more strongly ingrained in me. Her teaching is very liberating and allow me to see life in higher perspective and encourages me to connect more and more with my higher self and vibrate in higher vibrations.”

- Arakah

“Lisa's workshop was amazing. I felt completely transformed and empowered. My entire being is extremely grateful for the work she has facilitated. I know she can do the same for you.” 


The Soulful Forgiveness Workshop provided a caring and safe space to privately express and release the pain and hurt I have carried for many years.

Lisa’s wisdom as a healer is matched by her genuine kindness, integrity and compassion. It is a privilege to have her as a soul healer.
— Trudy

“Lisa has transformed my life. She has enabled me to see and have clarity regarding what my life challenges mean and why they may be happening.

She has helped so many people in my life. Her gift and willingness to teach, love, share and support has given me hope and the ability to survive and be the best I can be.

Embracing that everything we experience is for us and not to us has transformed my life and has kept me sane. Lisa I love and thank you. Always.”


Lisa’s workshop on Soulful Forgiveness gives your soul permission to address and release emotions that no longer serve you. It makes you actually connect with your higher self to let go of what is holding you back in your relationships with others and with yourself. Enlightening.
Thank you Lisa.
— Sharon

“Lisa's healing and workshop I found for me was one of the most profound experiences. My soul had a knowing through Lisa's workshop. I was able to connect to thoughts, ideas and higher self to have confirmation of my journey. Thank you Lisa, a wonderful experience. “

- K.H

“I did not know what I would be addressing when I decided to attend the workshop however, I asked my soul to guide me and the letter flowed from my soul to my pen and I could have written for hours. At the end of the process I felt lighter and more peaceful and empowered to take the next steps that my soul guided for me to take.

I encourage anyone who feels guided to attend a Soulful Forgiveness Workshop. The ego may tell you that you don't need it but do yourself the biggest favour and gift yourself a workshop. You will not regret it.”

- Mili

Thank you for teaching me not to play victim and to take control of my life by embracing growth. Your work continues to heal my soul enabling me to reach my full potential and live a life of abundance.
— T.M

“Today I attended the Soulful Forgiveness workshop facilitated by Lisa and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt so much relief and peace once I had finished my letters and shredded them.

I did initially feel emotional and like crying but that only lasted a few minutes thanks to Lisa's healing which she is giving to everyone here. I have definitely learnt what a valuable exercise it is to do the letter writing and I’ll continue to do this.”

- C.B

I really enjoyed Lisa’s workshop. There were so many releases of stuck old energy. I felt so much lighter there. The shift was amazing and life changing. Thank you Lisa
— M.J

“I attended my first spiritual workshop ever and today's Soulful Forgiveness workshop conducted by Lisa was amazing. It was a very different and beautiful experience.

Every time I see Lisa I feel a sense of excitement to what is going to happen in our session, a sense of calmness and a very apparent tingle in my face which are an indication of how genuine and beautiful Lisa and her work is.”

- S.A

“It was no accident that I was going to meet Lisa Ohtaras. I attended an event in October 2018 and that is how I came to find my healer. I have started this journey with her that I am grateful for as its changed the way I feel and see challenges that I am facing and will continue to face. I thank God for her and hope that I will find peace.”

- K.L

Lisa’s workshop was a great release of negative emotions, to let go of negative thoughts that have been holding me back. I’m looking forward to what will unfold over the next few days + weeks. I love listening to Lisa’s wisdom and look forward to continually learning from her.
— F.S



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