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about lisa


Lisa Ohtaras from Caring Energetic Healing is a renowned Energy Healer, Soul Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Educator, Reiki Master, Seichim Master, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner (T.F.T.), and Soulful Forgiveness Workshop Facilitator.

Over two decades ago, Lisa healed herself of Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) warning signs. Her diagnosis initiated an awakening from her spiritual slumber and connected Lisa to her inner self.

Lisa transformed pain, numbness alternating with pins and needles in her hands and arms, feet and legs, sadness, night sweats, insomnia, chronic fatigue and visual challenges, all without the use of medication.

Through her connection, consistent daily meditation, personal positive growth, spiritual growth and development, Lisa restored balance, harmony and well-being to her physical and emotional state.

Following Lisa’s self-healing, she continued working in her nursing career which collectively spanned over two decades.

Then in 2003, Lisa commenced living her Soul Purpose, also known as the Sacred Contract and has been helping people with physical and life challenges to live the best and highest version of themselves.

Lisa Ohtaras is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and is a former registered nurse. 



about the work

Regardless of a person’s background, challenges or experiences, Lisa works with people from a non-judgemental viewpoint, holding the space allowing inner energy transformation.

Lisa works with a combination of Complementary Therapies, specifically related to Energy Healing, to help facilitate wellness and balance for her clients.

Complementary Therapies are used in conjunction with existing treatments recommended or prescribed by your own doctor (where applicable) and assist in balancing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When one’s physical body and aura are balanced, the body has the potential for wellness more readily. 

The modalities Lisa works with include Energy Clearing for emotional and energy blockages clearing via vibrational healing using a pendulum,  Reiki (of which she is a certified Reiki Master), Angelic Intuitive Healing via the Angelic realm, and Crystal Therapy. Each healing session is always tailored specifically to the individual requirements of the client and may consist of a combination of modalities. 

Lisa's training indicates that any form of illness is a form of growth, spiritual and personal. Both serve as an awakening. There is a learning growth opportunity relating to every single health challenge or personal challenge a person is confronted with during their lives. 

When a person has awareness of the subconscious beliefs, paradigms, conditioning, suppressed memories and more, the knowledge allows a space for breakthrough changes in how one feels, looks and their interaction with relationships, their health, finances, manifestation and abundance.

Lisa also conducts Soulful Forgiveness Workshops holding the space, allowing for purging and releasing of emotions at a soul level, which no longer serves the person. New found inner peace, harmony, self love, acceptance of one’s self and others are some of the wonderful positive benefits which result.

Healing commences from within our beings.

Energy Healing CAN assist by:

• Clearing blocked energy in the aura, the chakras, and the physical body relating to the past, (including past lives) and the present.

• Alleviating emotional discomfort and pain, with the potential to clear the issue/s at a cellular level or the point of origin where it was created.

• Helping to gain an understanding of why health afflictions are present and their spiritual significance - and in turn learn how to release the emotional blocks.

• Releasing past issues that are creating a burden and causing a heavy heart, insomnia and constant sadness. 

• Clearing personal karmic debt and familial debt if required.

• Clearing ancestral influences which are contributing to blocks, core negative beliefs, paradigms, limitations, disruptions, problems and more in one's life, which can also impact the lives of loved one's and / or people you are affiliated with. 

• Facilitating a connection to one's life purpose if that is what one is seeking.

If a person is seeking to feel better, more peaceful, confident, energised and/or more loving towards one's self and other people, energy healing offers the potential for wellness and balance.

It is important to note, results will always vary from person to person. Every person’s energy circuits on the physical and subtle (aura) bodies differ.  Treatments are not intended to take the place of medical care and if you experience any symptoms or side-effects whether before, during or after any treatment, any health problem or medical emergency at any time, you are advised to seek a professional registered medical practitioner.






Reiki is an ancient spiritually guided life force energy which is used for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes wellbeing. 

The Reiki energy is delivered via the hands of the Reiki practitioner, which has been attuned with the Reiki energy by a Reiki Master. Following being attuned with Reiki by a Reiki Master, the receiver of Reiki has access to the energy for life. 

When organs in the physical body are compromised due to stress, Reiki can assist to restore the flow of positive energy and equilibrium to the compromised areas. 

It is beneficial to treat the whole person including the body, emotions and spirit. Reiki is soothing, and facilitates the body, mind and spirit to feel more relaxed and peaceful. 

Lisa is a certified Reiki Master.



Different crystals have their own unique energetic and healing properties.

The many uses of crystals include, but are not limited to, balancing energy on the physical body and aura to stimulate the flow of energy and improve a person's health and wellbeing (Amethyst), assisting in the healing of emotions relating to matters of the heart (Rose Quartz) and strengthening one's connection to their spirituality and intuition (Lapis Lazuli).  

Crystals are helpful in drawing out and clearing negative energy, which assists to promote the balance of the physical body and aura.

Crystal therapy is used during a healing session with Lisa to amplify the healing being conducted. Some people prefer the use of crystal therapy during a healing session without the use of other modalities, the choice is yours.




energy clearing

Clearing blocked energy, ancestral influences and karmic debt has the potential to promote comfort, wellness and free negative energy from the body and aura. In addition, the clearing of energy blockages has the potential to balance the physical body, clear meridians and balance the chakras and other parts and areas of the physical and subtle bodies.

All energy clearing sessions are tailored for the wellbeing of the person.

The duration of the clearing varies for every individual. Results vary from person to person as we are all unique and our energy centres differ, as do the way we respond to our emotions, experiences, past history, and more.



Angelic healings are safe, comforting, gentle high vibrational energy. The Angelic energy is beneficial for babies, children, adults and animals. 

Angels and Archangels, illuminated light beings of truth, are divine messengers, spiritual guides and teachers. They bring forth divine frequencies and higher levels of awareness and consciousness to people seeking expansion of consciousness. 

Divine Angelic healings are beneficial in assisting to release traumas of the body, mind, spirit and soul.

Angelic healing works on the cause and core of issues, assisting the person to release long standing difficult emotions and wounds. It can aid a person in coping with challenging or stressful situations,  and has the potential to assist in releasing the blocks that hinder a person from living the life they really desire to live. 

All modalities used by Lisa Ohtaras – Caring Energetic Healing are complementary therapies. The information expressed on the Caring Energetic Healing Website, written or implied are not substitutes for medical treatments or professional diagnosis. The purpose is only for information and should not be relied on for any purpose.




My first session with Lisa was life-changing. I honestly had no idea what to expect from a session with an energy healer, but my time with Lisa definitely surpassed all of my expectations.
— Jasmine

"Since 2003 and to date, Lisa Ohtaras has been and is my healer, teacher and mentor. Regular healing sessions with Lisa in the form of one-on-one sessions or remote healing, have helped with the many physical, mental and emotional issues that have arisen.

I first started seeing Lisa when diagnosed with multiple fibroids requiring surgery. With the help of Lisa's healing and other complementary modalities (naturopathy and acupuncture), I was able to avoid surgery and make a complete recovery.

What I have noticed over the past 14 years, is that Lisa's healing work has evolved and intensified in such a way that her work is truly transformational. As my teacher and mentor, Lisa guides me to the inner work that is necessary for me to do to maintain my state of balance.

Lisa's integrity, authenticity, compassion, wisdom, understanding, kindness, generosity, warmth and insights are just some of the many rare qualities that distinguish her as an exceptional person and healer.

I feel blessed, honoured and privileged to know Lisa and to experience her transformational work and highly recommend her work."

- Janet

Life throws us constant challenges and we have many ups and downs and it’s important to have someone like Lisa on your side.
— Melissa

"Since my father's death 4 years ago I have suffered from bouts of anxiety.  Where I was once confident and outgoing, I found myself becoming increasingly more isolated and prone to panic attacks. My life felt completely out of balance and overwhelming. I had tried grief counselling, psychology and self-help books, but then discovered energetic healing and I knew that was what I truly needed.

I have come to believe finding Lisa was no co-incidence. Right from the initial phone call I felt absolute trust that she could help me. I had 3 healing sessions with Lisa and each one was very different and intense. The effect on my life since each session has been incredibly profound. Lisa has helped me from years of grief following both my parents' deaths. She has helped me to release the fears, angers and resentment I have been harbouring. 

Since my healing, I have developed an incredibly positive outlook on life. I am rediscovering things that used to make me happy.

I have also been able to make important decisions. My late father's ashes had been sitting in a cupboard for 4 years. I am finally ready to say goodbye and know exactly where to scatter the ashes ... Reaching this decision has brought me incredible comfort and a sense of closure. I attribute all of this to Lisa's help.

I honestly cannot express my gratitude to Lisa for the changes I have seen in my life. She has the most incredible gift and I consider myself to be truly blessed to have received her help."

- Olivia

Another amazing aspect of energy healing with Lisa is that she is also there to support you after the session, you know that it’s a long-term relationship. The lessons that Lisa teaches and the work that she does are priceless.
— Jasmine

"I heard about Lisa Ohtaras and her work about 8 or 9 years ago and went to see her hoping she could help me with my chronic headaches.

When I saw Lisa, I had been living with daily headaches some 20 years or more, trying to cope as best I could, with minimal use of medication. Thanks to Lisa and her healing work I have now been free of chronic daily headaches for more than 8 years.

Hearing about Lisa was such a godsend to me. I have Lisa to thank for the improvement in the quality of my life."

- Shirley


"I have been receiving healing from Lisa Ohtaras on a regular basis since 2005. I am now in my mid-80's and have been assisted by Lisa to maintain a very decent quality of health for someone my age. Lisa assists me when I am in pain e.g. back pain, pain in my legs, feet, arms and shoulders.

Lisa is a genuine healer and I have experienced Lisa's profound gift of healing and so have other family members."

 - Gladys

Hearing about Lisa was such a godsend to me. I have Lisa to thank for the improvement in the quality of my life.
— Shirley

“Lisa is an amazing lady. I have had the pleasure of having energy healings to balance my mind, body and spirit on a monthly basis. Life throws us constant challenges and we have many ups and downs and it’s important to have someone like Lisa on your side.

She will ensure you keep happy, healthy and keep your vibration high to avoid illness and be able to live your life with peace knowing all is being taken care of.”

- Melissa

“Lisa has an incredible talent in being able to intuitively connect with your energy and heal with commitment. She is dedicated to her clients with passion and moves the energy that is no longer serving. Where I have done healing work in the past I have not seen results that stand with such strength and ease and effortlessly.

I will be and have arranged to follow up with my maintenance clearings from here on. Her 3 sessions were so empowering and gave me such clarity that I have suddenly moved forward with conviction to my passion and purpose. Thank you Lisa you are a sweetheart and a blessing.”

- Donna

The healing sessions have been profound and have brought me inner peace, clarity and renewed energy and I have been introduced to practices that have empowered me with the tools to deal with life’s many challenges.
— Sandra

"In working with Lisa, I feel like I've been born again.  I've had a terminal disease and got to the other side of it victoriously in one day.  Wow, that blows my mind.  Thank you Lisa, my healing sessions were out of this world and yet super practical." 

- Jennifer

Lisa has completely transformed my life. She has guided me through the hardest period of my life. Her dedication and commitment to her clients is amazing.
— Donnie

“This is to testify that I experienced an amazing energetic healing during and after my sessions with Lisa. My name is Helen and I had polio when I was a baby that left me with a facial palsy.

During sessions with Lisa I physically felt twitching and movements in my body and a warmth all over my body during the night. I had to kick off all my blankets and it was winter! I woke up feeling refreshed and that I could breathe better. Whatever bug I harboured during the flu season seemed to have disappeared.

Moreover my face is much more asymmetrical. My eye is looking more even with the other eye whereas before my session with Lisa, the lower lid was pulling down after medical intervention it got worse it. But since Lisa’s energetic healing began, I noticed visible difference in my face and eyes.

I praise God for her work and for our chance meeting. I was looking for a person to do some advanced soul work with and was really delighted to know that this is the very work that Lisa does. Very happy, thank you Lisa. One cannot put a dollar value to the work that Lisa does. She is very caring and genuine, a special Lady and has special gifts and a unique higher calling to help us.”


In working with Lisa, I feel like I’ve been born again.
— Jennifer

"Lisa was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. I was experiencing health issues as well as anxiety and chronic stress at the time. My first session with Lisa was life-changing. I honestly had no idea what to expect from a session with an energy healer, but my time with Lisa definitely surpassed all of my expectations.

Lisa sat with me at the beginning of the session and spoke to me about strategies to improve my health and happiness. It was like divine timing, everything that she told me was exactly what I needed to know and practice at that moment. I feel safe and loved in her presence. I highly recommend seeing Lisa for any of the modern day challenges that life may throw your way. I have never felt more at peace in my life. I am also better equipped with stressful and or upsetting situations.

A session with Lisa makes you feel at peace, you can feel the energy throughout your body during the session and you feel light and free after. I have also worked with Lisa remotely while I’ve been traveling overseas and it has just shown me the incredible power of this spiritual work.  Another amazing aspect of energy healing with Lisa is that she is also there to support you after the session, you know that it’s a long-term relationship. The lessons that Lisa teaches and the work that she does are priceless. Anytime that I now have a ‘fear’ thought arise, I remember Lisa’s advice and wisdom and I let it go and choose love instead.

Thank you, Lisa, for the work that you do. I could not recommend your work more highly."

- Jasmine

"I first heard of Lisa Ohtaras through friends of mine who told me of her amazing work. I was facing some personal challenges at the time and though I had been a seeker of knowledge, having spent over 15 years participating in personal development programs, I felt stuck and my life felt out of balance.

In March 2009 I had my first healing session with Lisa and I have been a client and student of hers ever since. 

The healing sessions have been profound and have brought me inner peace, clarity and renewed energy and I have been introduced to practices that have empowered me with the tools to deal with life's many challenges.

In addition to her healing work, Lisa's spiritual knowledge is unlike anything I have come across and her spiritual teachings have given me the answers I was seeking all those years before, and opened my mind to so much more."

- Sandra

"I was referred to Lisa by a friend almost 6 years ago and our connection has changed the course of my life.

Lisa has helped and healed me during some very dark times. I now consider her a spiritual mentor, who has allowed me to experience and understand our soul's journey in a more profound way.

I know her to be extremely warm, kind and passionate about making a difference in people's lives. She is non-judgemental and accepts me for who I am and my weaknesses.

I've found myself extremely ill on a couple of occasions, even one time whilst overseas. Even with the time difference, she began her work to heal me remotely. I felt safe and protected under her loving watch. I was able to get myself back to Australia and within a few days later, I had returned to full health.

I now have regular healings to keep myself in balance and I haven't been happier and more content.

I recommend Lisa to my friends, but I truly believe if your path is to connect with her, the universe will facilitate it."

- Stephen

Lisa’s integrity, authenticity, compassion, wisdom, understanding, kindness, generosity, warmth and insights are just some of the many rare qualities that distinguish her as an exceptional person and healer.
— Janet

"Tomorrow is my last day at work and I thought of Lisa. She reassured me when I joined the team that I was where I needed to be.

19 months ago I lost my step dad. What a wake up call and a blessing. I have Lisa to thank for her help and guidance through this time of my life.

For the first time in my life I am following my heart. Off in a new direction without fear of being hurt and no longer scared of pain because I now know it is all for my growth and greater good.

I have mum safely tucked away in an apartment now, with a new phone number too. Now she is safe she can plan her own future and grieve as she needs to.

Now I know mum is safe and I can see the synchronisation I am looking forward to a new start with a new job and new people.

I can never thank Lisa enough for her guidance, patience and light, without this I would never have the courage to take this leap of faith."

- Lucy



 All testimonials on the Caring Energetic Healing Website are true. They have been edited with respect to the length of information provided only and are the exact words expressed by the issuer. Names have been changed to respect the privacy of every person. No money was paid for any testimonial provided to Caring Energetic Healing.






1 hour

A transformational Healing combined with Spiritual Coaching to gain insights and freedom around your problems.

Option 1:

30 minutes exclusive one to one, in person or remote, Energetic Healing session. 


30 minutes debrief post Healing and Spiritual Coaching.


Option 2:

45 minutes exclusive one to one, in person or remote, Energetic Healing session.


15 minutes debrief post Healing and Spiritual Coaching.


Gold exclusive Package One to one

1.5 hours

A transformational Healing with a more in depth spiritual insight to your problems and challenges that you are experiencing and want to be at peace with. 

60 minutes exclusive one to one, in person or remote, Energetic Healing session. 

Please note: Energy healing session times may vary from 60 minutes. Some sessions may have less healing and more spiritual coaching. The choice is yours. The total time for this session is 1.5 hours.


30 minutes debrief post Healing and Spiritual Consulting/Spiritual Coaching.


Platinum Premium Exclusive Package one to one

3 hours

A transformational Healing with additional bonus coaching to gain perspective and answers, so you can experience a breakthrough to a new level of emotional freedom.

60 minutes Spiritual Consulting/Spiritual Coaching followed by…

60 minutes exclusive one to one, in person or remote, Energetic Healing session. 


60 minutes debrief post Healing and Spiritual Consulting / Spiritual Coaching.


60 minutes follow up Spiritual Coaching via video chat or phone within 2 weeks of the Healing session. 

The session includes the spiritual soul-u-tion to your problems with the required tools to facilitate balance, harmony, well-being and health in your life.


Diamond Premium VIP Exclusive Package one to one

IntroductorY OFFER now AVAILABLE

5 hours

A transformational 60 minutes Healing, with a Bonus two additional 30 minutes follow up Energy healings. The package also includes a total of 4 hours of coaching, where we deep dive into your spiritual problems and challenges so that you may gain clarity, awareness as well as spiritual knowledge.

180 minutes of Spiritual Consulting/Spiritual Coaching ….

60 minutes exclusive one to one, in person or remote, Energetic Healing session.  


60 minutes debrief post Healing and Spiritual Coaching.

You will leave the session with the spiritual soul-u-tion to your problems and the required tools that will empower your wellness, balance and happiness in your life. 


2 x 30 minutes follow up one to one, in person or remote, Energetic Healing sessions within 2 weeks. Or 1 x 60 minutes follow up one to one in person or remote Energetic Healing session, The choice is yours.




Lisa also offers one to one, in person or remote, exclusive private programs with combined Energetic Healing and Spiritual Coaching over 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods, for people that qualify.

Contact Lisa for the details.

Remote Energetic Healing sessions, Spiritual Consulting & Spiritual Coaching sessions may be done via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Messenger, Mobile or land line. 

All sessions are conducted by Lisa Ohtaras. Gift vouchers are also available and may be purchased in person or the voucher will be emailed to you. 

All pricing is in Australian dollars. Payments for all energetic healing sessions are requested on the same day as your appointment  EFTPOS facilities available and include, Debit Cards, Master Card, Visa, American Express Card and JCB (merchant fees may apply to credit cards). Caring Energetic Healing no longer accepts cheques, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We reserve the right to re-schedule, change or cancel any booking and to refuse service to any person for any reason in our sole discretion and are not liable to any customer for any cost, expense or inconvenience in doing so. We will notify you of any change or cancellation at our earliest opportunity.





Can anyone have energy healing or spiritual healing?

Yes. Both forms of energy healing works on the energy circuits of the physical and subtle bodies (aura). All humans and animals have a physical and subtle body.

How many healing sessions should i have?

Three sessions are recommended, one per week initially. Lisa may advise you differently if her divine guidance is such. She will know following the first healing session.

why do you recommend three healing sessions and not one?

The work Lisa conducts is varied. Energetic healing works on the energy circuits in our physical and subtle bodies (aura), to regain balance and facilitate the body’s innate healing mechanism. The healing work Lisa facilitates commences at the onset of the first session. The subtle energy transformation will continue during the subsequent days.

should i have further sessions following the three initial sessions?

It is recommended that you see how you feel. You will be guided by your intuition how to proceed. Some clients enjoy having regular healing sessions. They find energetic healing highly beneficial to maintain or restore equilibrium. Sessions are generally once per month for regular clients. The choice is yours.


No. Energetic healing, spiritual healing and crystal therapy are complementary therapies. If you are taking medication, or you are having any form of treatment for any health challenge, disease or illness, ALWAYS without fail, seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner prior to changing the dosage or frequency of any medication or stopping any medication that you have been prescribed.


Clients are asked to please refrain from wearing perfume or after shave to the healing session. Why? Fragrances can interrupt Lisa and the frequencies of the energetic healing. Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance relating to this matter.


Yes. Lisa will ground you following your healing.

Am I able to work following my healing session?

Some people experience lethargy after a healing session which may last from a couple of hours to several days.  You must not operate heavy machinery or drive any vehicle while you are experiencing lethargy.  It is your sole responsibility to make alternative transport arrangements and to ensure that you will not be required to operate heavy machinery during any period that you are in this state.



The duration varies. The range can be a few hours to several days following the session. Very important to always remember, to please drink a minimum of two litres of spring or filtered water per day for seven days, subsequent to any energy healing session conducted by Lisa.


Yes. If a bathroom visit is required, please feel free to go. It is important to feel comfortable during the healing session. The healing will then resume as soon as you return from the bathroom.



No. Some people do prefer to fast and that is their choice. Fasting is not necessary. However, a light lunch such as a salad, fresh fruit and vegetables or a vegetable juice is preferable to a heavy meal such as meat or fried foods. The same applies to after the healing session for a minimum of one day if possible. It is preferable to have a light diet if possible such as boiled or steamed vegetables or a vegetable soup or salad and then a vegetable juice or smoothie.


There are a few things one may do to help ground you.  

1. Walking on grass bare footed will assist to ground you. 

2. Hugging a tree will help to ground you. 

3. A very effective method to rapidly ground one’s self is to sit in a chair upright, with the soles of your feet on the floor. Envisage in your mind roots extending out of the soles of your feet permeating the ground below your feet, extending deep into mother earth – Gaia.


Please drink as much water as you can drink per day. As long as you drink some water, you will facilitate the process of excreting toxins from your body. If you are really challenged and you are having great difficulty drinking water, at the very least, drink herbal teas so you are obtaining fluids.


Water at room temperature or warm water is gentler to the stomach than very cold or iced water. However, it is individual preference. The most important thing is to drink spring or filtered water where possible if you have access to it. If not, tap water will suffice.

where are you located and do you do remote healings?

Caring Energetic Healing is located in Sydney Australia. Remote healings are available, please make an enquiry for further details. In addition, Lisa is also available for one on one spiritual education in one hour blocks via Skype. Please email your request via the contact page.



Appointments are available from Monday to Saturday 8.00am - 6.00pm AEST time

After hours appointments are available upon enquiry, and remote healing sessions are also available for those who are unable to travel to Sydney, Australia. 

All sessions are by appointment only. To enquire about an Energetic Healing session, Angelic intuitive guidance and / or a Spiritual education session please contact Lisa on +61 424 957 779 or at or via the form below.