about the work

Lisa works with a combination of Complementary Therapies, specifically related to Energy Healing, to help facilitate wellness and balance for her clients.

Complementary Therapies are used in conjunction with existing treatments recommended or prescribed by your own doctor (where applicable) and assist in balancing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. When one’s physical body and aura are balanced, the body has the potential for wellness more readily. 

The modalities Lisa works with include Energy Clearing, Reiki (of which she is a certified Reiki Master), Angelic Healing and Crystal Therapy. Each healing session is always tailored specifically to the individual requirements of the client and may consist of a combination of modalities. 

Lisa's training indicates that any form of illness is a form of growth, spiritual and personal. Both serve as an awakening. There is a learning growth opportunity relating to every single health challenge or personal challenge a person is confronted with during their lives. 

A person must have awareness of the subconscious beliefs, thoughts, conditioning and more, to ascertain what the growth opportunity is. Healing commences from within our beings.

Energy Healing CAN assist by:

• Clearing blocked energy in the aura, the chakras, and the physical body relating to the past, (including past lives) and the present.

• Alleviating emotional discomfort and pain, with the potential to clear the issue/s at a cellular level.

• Helping to gain an understanding of why health afflictions are present and their spiritual significance - and in turn learn how to release the emotional blocks.

• Releasing past issues that are creating a burden and causing a heavy heart, insomnia and constant sadness. 

• Clearing karmic debt.

• Clearing ancestral influences which are contributing to blocks, limitations, disruptions, problems and more in one's life, which can also impact the lives of loved one's and / or people you are affiliated with. 

• Facilitating a connection to one's life purpose if that is what one is seeking.

If a person is seeking to feel better, more peaceful, confident, energised and/or more loving towards one's self and other people, energy healing offers the potential for wellness and balance.

It is important to note, results will always vary from person to person. Every person’s energy circuits on the physical and subtle (aura) bodies differ.  Treatments are not intended to take the place of medical care and if you experience any symptoms or side-effects whether before, during or after any treatment, any health problem or medical emergency at any time, you are advised to seek a professional registered medical practitioner.