about lisa


Lisa Ohtaras from Caring Energetic Healing healed herself from Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) warning signs over two decades ago.

Without the use of any medication Lisa transformed pain, numbness, pins and needles in her hands, feet and legs, also pain in other parts of her body, sadness, night sweats, insomnia, chronic fatigue and visual challenges, into wellness, inner peace and balance. Lisa restored her physical body and her emotional state to normal, awakened from the spiritual slumber she was in and connected to her inner self. 

Two years of personal positive growth and development, combined with spiritual growth and energetic healing, resulted in the healing of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of Lisa’s being. 

Following Lisa’s healing of herself, she continued working in her nursing career which collectively spanned over two decades. In 2003, Lisa’s new career as an Energetic Healer, Spiritual Educator and intuitive guide emerged.

Lisa is a Reiki Master. She also works conducting intuitive Angelic healing via the Angelic realm. Lisa is a Thought Field Therapy Practitioner, clears energy and emotional blockages via vibrational healing using a pendulum and uses crystal therapy to facilitate the movement of energy.

Lisa works on all levels of one’s being, on the emotions, body, spirit and soul. She utilises the resources in her repertoire to assist people to have wellness and live the highest and best version of one’s self.

Lisa Ohtaras is a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and is a former registered nurse.