The Ho'oponopono Prayer

Image credit: Charlie Harutaka

Image credit: Charlie Harutaka

Several months ago a client called me to share a story of a hospital in India, full of sick people, which had closed down when all became well by repeating "Forgive me, I’m Sorry, I Love You, Thank You." This is also known as the Hawaiian Healing Prayer called the Ho’oponopono.

When an issue or memory is imprinted in your energy field or physical body it becomes part of your vibrational frequency. And when your vibrational frequency is low you become an attractor for similar low-level experiences; like the same relationship problem or it could be health implications like depression and illness. 

A major component of healing one’s self and elevating your vibration is forgiveness, of yourself and other people. This is what makes this simple prayer so powerful. The words themselves have an incredibly strong, positive vibration that in turn raises the vibration or frequency of the person who speaks them. 

A few months later I heard Dr. Joe Vitale talk about the same prayer. Joe elaborated to say that the words could be said in any order to the same effect when addressing memories from the past, or parts of yourself that are causing unsettled emotions. 

He also spoke of a psychologist friend named Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who had begun working at a hospital in Hawaii in a ward where they kept the criminally insane. It was a place that very few dared to work. Some patients were shackled, staff would walk through the ward with their backs against the wall, afraid of being attacked. Dr. Len took the position under the condition he could do things his way, and without even seeing the patients began to review their files and use the Ho’oponopono prayer "Forgive me, I’m Sorry, I Love You, Thank You" on himself. One by one the patients began to heal. He was able to heal a ward of criminally insane patients. As he improved himself, the patients improved.

When one forgives and heals from within there is also on occasions an energetic shift in the other people tied to what YOU have released. This may sound strange yet it happens. There is a transference of energy from one’s being to another following forgiveness work and giving gratitude. 

The other person or people may feel better, become more energised, have more clarity, become free from an affliction, may release hostility or negative emotions surrounding particular things and more. Their behaviours and actions can change in a positive manner when forgiveness has consciously and sincerely transpired.

The process is profoundly powerful! The energy transference is governed by the soul. It is a very powerful force which comes from within. As you heal different aspects of yourself, the outward world and what is being reflected back has the potential to change. 

Crying is also very common and cathartic when you're engaged in the prayer, or other prayers - it is a sign of blocked issues and energy being released. 

For further information relating to Ho’oponopono I highly recommend looking into Author and Inspirational Speaker Joe Vitale. Joe has also teamed up with Dr. Len and together they have written a book about Ho’oponopono named Zero Limits. 

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