Denial. The most toxic emotion.

Image credit: Oscar Keys

Image credit: Oscar Keys

In our first blogpost I introduced the power of emotion, and the overall affects of unprocessed negative emotion.

Today I'd like to talk specifically about denial, which I believe to be the most toxic of the negative emotions. It's damaging to the psyche and body when one chooses to ignore what is transpiring.

Why? When a person is in denial relating to relationship challenges, work related issues, health afflictions, family related challenges and other areas of one’s life, the issue/s will generally speaking continue to exist and repeat. This is commonly known as a repeating pattern. Sometimes when situations are ignored they become more amplified in nature in a way to get your attention.

The SOUL-U-TION, however, is within every person. Go within for the answers, meditation is a wonderful tool for this purpose. The soul creates and co-creates with other people, situations, circumstances and events for the purpose of one’s growth.  

An effective method to reduce the negative effects of denial is:

·       Acknowledgement of what is transpiring whether you are comfortable with it or not. I often use the analogy of the weeds in your garden, choosing to ignore them won't stop them from growing or make them go away. They'll simply get thicker and more tenacious. The situation is occurring for a reason. Allow yourself to bring awareness to what is happening and why, this will serve as a tremendous benefit. The soul is wanting acknowledgement of situations in order to be able to heal from within.

·         Say, "it is what it is.” When these words are spoken, one has acknowledgement of what has happened or perhaps what is existing. Then let it go. Holding onto negative emotions causes chemicals to be released in the physical body which can cause imbalance. Conversely positive emotions release different chemicals in the body, which help one to feel more uplifted and happier.

·         Forgive the person or people relating to the upset, disturbance or whatever is transpiring. Even if the person or people will not forgive you, still forgive them.

·         Then forgive yourself. People tend to forgive others easier than forgiving themselves. Sometimes people can be their own harshest critic.

·         Last but not least, give appreciation and gratitude for the experience. This may sound strange. However, by giving appreciation for the experience you are expressing you have learnt from the experience.

 You may also choose to do tapping on the body's energy meridian points, which I introduced in the Power of Emotions post, to complete the releasing of the emotions experienced. 

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