The Power of Emotion

Image credit: Benjamin Combs

Image credit: Benjamin Combs

You are in control of your emotions and your emotions are governing your existence and health.

Let's talk about negative emotions for a moment; the role they play, their affect on the body and ultimately how to clear them.

Negative emotions are created from within one’s being, via the soul in the majority of cases. Why? For the purpose of growth. Every negative emotion that comes forth has a growth opportunity being presented with it. Negative emotions help you to get in touch with what is happening and have the awareness of the situation or challenge being presented. It can be related to personal growth or spiritual growth. Sometimes it can be both.

Negative emotions lead to the release of chemicals in the body, in addition to causing energy blockages to take place. This has the potential to create dis and ease, and in some cases can lead to disease of some kind.

There are, however, immediate and accessible tools you can use to consciously clear negative emotion through and out of the body. One technique is called Tapping. Tapping is amazing! It really is. I’ve personally been using TFT (short for Thought Field Therapy) in my own life since 2003. Combined with EFT – the Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping is part of my protocol to release challenging emotions from my being.

Tapping is an easy technique to master, you simply tap on a sequence of points on the physical body to alleviate or clear a challenging emotion, stress and more. It breaks down the chemicals that have been produced within the physical body brought on by those stresses and challenges.

If this sounds like something that you’d like to look further into, I highly recommend checking out The Tapping Solution www.the tapping

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