Judgement. The mirror effect.

Image credit: Lea Dubedout

Image credit: Lea Dubedout

Judgement is part of the cycle of life, the learning process, our personal and spiritual growth, evolvement and transformation.

It's in our human nature to judge, and very often it's occurring as a projection of something we're judging about ourselves. Often these judgements can sit in our subconscious, just outside of our awareness, and we use the person in front us as a vehicle so that these self-judgements can be known and healed.  

It could be a judgement of yourself because of past behaviours or actions which have caused hurt, embarrassment, humiliation, anger, bitterness, insecurity, fear or other emotions. It may be a situation or event you were in, by no fault of your own, which caused hurt, suffering, shame and more, that now causes projection of that experience or experiences onto others.

When you're able to get to that place of self-acceptance, the ability to embrace all parts of yourself, you'll find the tendency to judge other people is less likely to exist. If it does surface it is certainly less frequent.

The following method has served me exponentially, and I hope that it might be of benefit to you too.

When you feel yourself going into a state of judgement, say to yourself, "it is what it is". Saying this acknowledges to your inner self there is an awareness of your judgement and instantly zaps the judgement of its power over you. Follow this by saying the Ho’opoponono prayer to the part of you which caused you to think that thought, "I forgive you, I’m sorry, I love you, thank you".

The thought was created by your subconscious and surfaced to conscious mind to allow you to have the awareness.

Forgiveness of yourself and other people, apologising, giving gratitude and expressing love are the most powerful processes one can do to alleviate low judgemental vibrational energy and emotions.


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