Image credit: Will Van Wingerden

Image credit: Will Van Wingerden

All human beings are unique. Our individual souls are as unique as our fingerprints. 

The soul of every person is comprised of the sum total of the collective consciousness of who we are. What that means is this. Every past incarnation a person has had, also referred to as a past life, is represented by one inner being. The soul is the collective consciousness of all of the inner beings one has within them. It is the older, broader and wiser part of us.

The spirit is a person’s personality. We are not our name and we are not our body, who we are is our soul. The physical and spiritual body (aura) is the temple which houses our soul. 

The soul emerges into the physical world for the purpose of expanding consciousness and healing past wounds, afflictions and other experiences. Via our spirit, the soul creates and co-creates, with people and circumstances, the experiences required to facilitate this healing and growth. These experiences might centre around personal and emotional issues, health, career or money to name a few. 

Commonly seen, is people meeting for the first time and feeling as if they have known each other forever. The soul orchestrates the meeting for the souls to become reacquainted. Sometimes for the purpose of growth, other times for the purpose of a relationship or marriage, other times for karma balancing and many more reasons.

During this lifetime every person, without exception, has the right to collect their divine inheritance - which is the sovereign divinity, or divine consciousness, that exists within every person. Whether people collect their divine inheritance is ultimately their choice. In order to access it you must first connect to your inner self. Meditation is a wonderful way to still the mind to facilitate this connection.

Once connected, growth is required to fully access your state of divine consciousness. Whether it be in the form of personal or spiritual growth or both combined. It may be the releasing of physical wounds, emotional turmoil, forgiveness of others and yourself, loving and embracing all parts and aspects of yourself, being and becoming unconditional. Growth requires one to be at peace with the transformation which has occurred and embracing all experiences from the past.

When you are living from a state of divine consciousness you are aware that everything in a person's life is related to spiritual growth, and it is being done and created for you not to you, by your soul, for the healing of the soul and the expansion of the soul’s consciousness.

You will often find that this shift prompts a desire to be of service to people and animals in need, a lack of judgement towards yourself and others, and being loving and unconditional when making choices.

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