Conscious Parenting

Image credit: David Schap

Image credit: David Schap

During the first seven years of a child’s life, generally speaking, whatever the child passionately expresses as wanting to be as a grown up, is being generated by the soul. It is the soul's desire.

There are of course going to be exceptions to this as there are with everything in life.  A child may see something in the media or in their environment that stimulate short-lived ideas or phases around what they want to be or do when they grow up. However, if there is a discernibly strong passion and persisting desire around what the child is expressing, it is being driven from within.

As parents we want what we believe to be the best for our children. We consciously and other times subconsciously project our own desires, limiting beliefs, conditioning, paradigms and other thoughts onto our children with the greatest and best intentions.

However, not allowing them to be who they want to be and to express the emotions they're experiencing, can create a chain reaction of negative emotions, energy and circumstances that could have otherwise been avoided. There will be a natural instinctive resistance from the child to this kind of domination and control. Inner turmoil is created when one is not at peace from within.

As parents we are subconsciously aware that we are here to learn and harness, through our children, the Universal law The Law of Allowing which states "I am that which I am and I am pleased with that and I allow all others to be who they are and I am pleased with that too." It is understandably not one of the easiest laws to master, particularly with all the triggers, expectations and projections that come with our closest relationships. However, once the law has been harnessed, the energy around situations is surprisingly different - not only relating to a person's children but also in other areas of their life.

Listening to your child and hearing what is being said can alleviate a great deal of unnecessary tension and stress. Parents may not always like what is being expressed by the child, but listening, giving encouragement and assistance all affirm to the child that they are being heard, seen and recognised. It will ultimately facilitate a deeper level of trust and harmony within the family unit.


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