Dealing with Repression

Image credit: Jonatan Becerra

Image credit: Jonatan Becerra

The older one is in spiritual terms, that is the more incarnations they have experienced, the greater the challenges. In other words, an older soul's life lessons will be somewhat different and greater than that of a person who has experienced fewer past incarnations. The soul creates and co-creates with others, the journey and experiences to ensure we are only given what we are able to handle.

Every person has a reservoir of inner strength which will be called upon during their life. Strength of character, conviction, determination and courage are required to overcome obstacles and challenges. The reservoir is present in every person to be accessed whenever required. Many people are not aware the reservoir exists.

Experiences that are too painful, hurtful or simply too difficult to cope with, are often rejected by the conscious mind. The issue/s are then redirected to the subconscious and stored for later access at the appropriate time. Beliefs, paradigms, teachings, painful experiences and conditioning are stored in the subconscious, until it is the right time for the person to have awareness of the unconscious experiences and beliefs that have been directing their life.

Repression is a coping mechanism of our spirit. Part of the subconscious exists in our physical body. This is the densest part of our soul where afflictions and health challenges manifest. Why? Growth purposes. When one has the understanding of the metaphysical, they are able to work on the emotions which caused the challenge/s and heal from within.

When getting in touch with these past issues, commonly experienced emotions include, embarrassment, humiliation, shame, guilt, sadness, anger, grief, bitterness, resentment, hostility, being vindictive, judgement and more. Depression is a combination of anger and sadness. Who doesn’t have anger and sadness to some degree?

The past, however, is the past and cannot be undone. Releasing the past is the key to moving forward in a happier state of mind. And who does not want to be happier?

In order to release these past wounds, I recommend a mantra that I have spoken of often, "It is what is is".  I then follow this with the transformative and healing Ho'oponopono prayer, "Forgive me, I'm sorry, I love you, thank you" which you are essentially directing to the unacknowledged part of your psyche. I talk about Ho'oponopono in depth in a previous post that you can view here. 

These simple steps pull you out of the past and into the present. When you live in the present moment your attention and energy is undiluted and you are more focused. You're then in a better place to shape your future in a positive manner, without your repressed baggage mis-directing you.


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