Unconscious Realities

Image credit: Laura Fuhrman

Image credit: Laura Fuhrman

Many years ago I learned the invaluable lesson to always form my own independent opinion of people based on my own personal point of view. People are not always what they are portrayed to be by others. Plus there are other factors involved.

The unconscious mind where beliefs, conditioning, teachings and paradigms are stored and the super conscious which relates to the soul and past life memories, most certainly have an influence on our current existence, the way we perceive others and ultimately judge.

I often hear people say there is a soul connection between themselves and a particular person or specific people. The emotions are deeply felt. This can be in a positive way or in a negative manner. Why?

The emotions experienced relate to the nature of the past life associations. Relationships may have been amicable or unpleasant. The soul is expressing itself via the spirit combined with the mind. Memories lay dormant within our subconscious mind and the super conscious until the right time for the memory to surface. Appropriately for the purpose of growth, memories begin to percolate then surface to the conscious mind, giving the person awareness.

This is one of the reasons, there are a few, I form my own opinion of people based on my own experiences, relating to what I see in the present here and now. Past life energies certainly influence people's emotions. Examples to be pondered. People who are absolutely terrified of dogs, cats or other pets, yet have never owned or even associated with a dog or cat or other animals. People who feel terrified of water and are resistant to going for a swim at the beach, in a pool, a dam or other forms of water related activities. Others feel extreme anxiety at the thought of flying to and from a destination. Phobias are generated from within. These are a mere few examples of past life memories which are part of the subconscious and super conscious which influence people's lives, preventing them from living their earthly existence to the fullest potential.

There is a sense of freedom living in the present moment, instead of an old unconscious one. Remaining stuck in the past keeps you hostage to unproductive emotions. When you commit to living in the present moment and negative thoughts or beliefs throw you off balance or provoke a need to judge, you have the awareness to pause and discern whether it is old emotional baggage resurfacing.

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