Relationships as Growth

Image credit: Brooke Cagle

Image credit: Brooke Cagle

Any long term relationship will be faced with challenges for the purpose of growth, in fact one of the principle purposes of the relationship is to learn and grow. 

One cannot expect any long term relationship to be smooth sailing the entire time. The soul will create situations, circumstances and events that facilitate ways to become more understanding, kinder, compassionate, tolerant and forgiving. 

The soul is orchestrating all challenges at a soul level, co-creating with the partner as a way to surface emotions to the conscious mind so they can be resolved. If one has become very hurt because of something that has transpired and feels as if they want to leave the relationship, walking out on the person in anger and seething negative emotion will be a temporary solution to the problem. The situation will not be resolved. In fact, a repeating pattern will follow. If the lesson is not understood, the soul will continue to recreate the situation with another person or people, until the acknowledgement has been made.

Awareness is the key to being able to resolve circumstances. Without awareness, situations continue to exist and actually become even more difficult. This is the soul’s way of bringing home the lesson. The next phase is the release, if one is ready to move forward and learn from the experience.

It is also not just romantic long term relationships that are based on growth, our relationships with family, friends and affiliates all present opportunities at different stages for learning and evolvement.

A suggestion that may be of benefit for the next time a conflict takes place, is writing a letter to the person or people involved. Please note the letter will not be given to the person or people. The purpose of the letter writing is to release the emotions and allow the body to feel it. 

In the letter express how you feel, what the situation did to you and your entourage, the ripple effects it had on your life and people you know, what you wanted instead of what transpired then release the person or people. Forgive them, forgive yourself and move on.

Discussing the contents of the letter with other people is not recommended. Why? You are interfering with the energy clearing and you are also adding unwanted energy to the situation you addressed in your letter. Keeping the letter is also not recommended. A couple of suggestions, you may shred the letter or tear it into small pieces then discard it. Some people prefer to burn the letter to completely dissipate the energy. If one decides to burn the letter, exercise care. I suggest placing the letter in a metal bucket or saucepan and burn the letter outdoors.

Following letter writing, one may add to the dissipation of energy by following up with EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. Please refer to www.thetappingsolution for further details.



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