Radical Forgiveness

Image credit: Evan Kirby

Image credit: Evan Kirby

The greatest gift you can give yourself is Radical Forgiveness.

Traditional forgiveness is just that, forgiveness. We forgive people and that is that. However, Radical Forgiveness is a spiritual technology where the user becomes aware that everything happening in one’s life is spiritually and divinely guided, everything is being done for you and not to you, there is no wrong and there is no bad, there is perfection in the imperfection. In essence, all experiences happening in our lives are related to spiritual growth. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience in a human body.

Radical Forgiveness commonly takes the form of a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. In addition a 7-Step Process or a 13-Step Process can be done via audio. These processes are used to work through unresolved traumas or grievances that you are finding difficult to release and forgive. There is also an Emerge-N-See 4-Step Process which can be completed in less than ten minutes. People can also choose to work with a Radical Forgiveness Coach.

The rewards one reaps are life changing. Results which follow Radical Forgiveness growth include, but are not limited to; releasing traumas, emotional freedom, a sense of calm, inner peace and positive transformation. 

One does not have to understand how it all works on a metaphysical level. All spirit requires is the willingness to do the growth, which leads to a change in consciousness and a shift in the way you feel.

The Growth facilitated through the Radical Forgiveness helps us to learn and grow from the experience, heal from within, change the way we view the experience and evolve. Your awareness expands with the knowing and understanding that what happened was done for you, not to you, which means your soul and the other person or people's soul co create for the purpose of growth. Without awareness of why situations are occurring and subsequent growth, repeating patterns continue to exist in our lives.

Personally, I have been using the Radical Forgiveness technology and living the Radical Forgiveness lifestyle since I first learned about it in 2002. My life would not be the same without it. 

Regardless of the challenge, whenever anything transpires in my life and I'm not at peace with it, as soon as possible -  preferably the same day, I complete a Radical Forgiveness worksheet or a process to release the emotions and transform the energy. The energy shift which results is amazing and transforming. I have also witnessed profound changes in others as they release emotional baggage and emotional wounds.

I also highly recommend reading the Radical Forgiveness book by Colin Tipping as an introduction to the material. Even if one finds it difficult to understand, I recommend that people download the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and complete it or invest in the Radical Forgiveness C.D.'s. Doing the forgiveness process which Colin directs you through is truly freeing. 

For further details visit www.radicalforgiveness.com





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