Happiness begins from within

Image credit: Eli Defaria

Image credit: Eli Defaria

Do you know that everything one needs to be happy is contained within? But often people look outside for external things; people, situations and events to make them content. This is human nature in action.

We are not born with a clear canvas or a clean slate. Memories from past lives are encoded in our DNA, our energy body - often referred to as the aura and our chakras. Experiences and emotions from this incarnation are stored at cellular level.

Over time these compounded negative emotions can cause dis-ease, which over time have the potential to become disease. The memories which are ingrained in our energy field, which are stored in the subconscious mind and super conscious, will surface for the emotions and memories to be addressed and subsequently released. Once released a healing will take place. 

This is one good valid reason why negative emotions should be released as soon as possible. Release and forgive everyone including yourself and everything, for a more peaceful existence. The more you release, the more content your soul will be.

Dr Hew Len, co-author with Joe Vitale, of the book Zero Limits talks about "cleaning" on everything which surfaces because it is a memory. It can be a memory from this lifetime or a memory from a past life time. 

A powerful tool which I suggest for cleaning the memories which are surfacing is a technique I teach often, The Ho'oponopono Prayer - Forgive me, I'm sorry, I love you, thank you. These powerful words transform the energy and can be said in any order. 

Try it for yourself and feel the difference. 


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