Positive Failure

Image credit: Jeremy Perkins

Image credit: Jeremy Perkins

We're conditioned to see failure as a negative experience, when it is actually a positive thing. 

Why? Failure is an experience which presents an opportunity for people to acknowledge and see where an improvement can be made within themselves and externally. Without failure awareness is not obvious. 

Failure helps one to learn, grow, change and transform what was unsuccessful to becoming successful. You may have to do the same thing repeatedly and many times before success is accomplished, however there is no failure. What has actually transpired is a person has learned an alternate method or many different ways to achieve their ultimate goal.

Always see all situations, circumstances and events as an opportunity to expand your awareness. Every experience is a growth opportunity. Most highly successful people have had many failures prior to becoming successful. Success is a process and commonly follows a failure or a series of failures. Take the Wright Brothers for example, it took the self-taught engineers years before they were able to launch the very first aeroplane. They would not have known any success if it wasn’t for their repeated failures.

It is a noble act to at least attempt to move forward out of your comfort zone and try something new or different. It's impossible to know how much you are capable of doing and how far you can go in life otherwise.

Failure does not define you, failure is contrast. You get to see what you don't want which subsequently propels you to identify what you do want in your life and sometimes in the life of other people.

A suggestion I would make to people wanting change in their life, yet are too fearful to try because of the fear of failure, is modelling. Identify a model of what you are planning to undertake that has already been successfully established and executed. Research the person and what they did to achieve success. Allow them to be your mentor. Undertaking a project or a venture which has already proven to be successful has a far greater chance of being successful than having to reinvent the wheel from the beginning.


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