The Art of Giving

Image credit: Anna Kolosyuk

Image credit: Anna Kolosyuk

Enrichment for your body, mind, spirit and soul can be achieved through the art of giving and kindness. 

Following a good deed - be for a person, animal, the planet or your own internal beings from the inner dimension wanting closure, you consciously or unconsciously set in motion a series of events that results in a positive impact on your vibration, also referred to as frequency.

Every person's Higher Self, or I am presence, is seeking positive contribution towards the wellbeing and happiness of others or whatever it is one is assisting. Giving, contributing, being of service and the act of kindness are high vibration frequencies.

The Law of Attraction is always at work and in motion, whether one is aware of its presence or not. The Law of Attraction states, "That which is likened to itself is drawn unto." When you give or positively contribute, generally speaking as there will always be exceptions, it makes you feel good. When you feel good and have positive thoughts, you solicit more positive thoughts from the universe. 

Assisting people in need or in crisis or even just making a positive contribution for no specific reason, will bring temporary inner happiness. Whether it be through providing your time, energy, nourishment, shelter, material possessions, work, employment, financial aid, contributing knowledge, wisdom or clarity to situations, contributing to enhance wellness and balance via education or healing modalities, emotional support by just listening and allowing people to vent without being judged, are a few ways one is able to make a positive contribution. There are so many ways and methods to be of service. 

Just a simple smile for yourself or to another person, which is free and easily accessible for every person at any time, is an easy remedy to change one's vibration especially your own. Sometimes it can be so profound for another person's well-being, the quality of their day can be transformed. 

When walking along a street, try this simple exercise. Smile at people and observe the reaction. Some people will reciprocate and smile back at you, others will just look at you or they may look away from you, others will feel happiness but may not show the emotion, others will wonder why you are smiling at them, others will feel gratitude for your smile. You just may make a person's day by smiling at them, especially if things are not going so well in their life.

Another simple exercise to raise your vibration is to do three kind gestures today and every day for the next few days. The gestures must be aligned with the art of giving or making a positive contribution, with the intention to make a positive difference. Observe and take note of the feelings which emerge from within your being. Every time you perform a positive, kind gesture your soul will rejoice. The Higher Self loves contributing to the happiness of people, the animal kingdom, Planet Earth and wherever else possible. 

What is even more powerful is when one does so without expecting anything in return. Try it and experience the enrichment which comes from within. It's truly an amazing positive feeling!


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