Soul Agreements - Part 1

Image credit: Greg Rakozy

Image credit: Greg Rakozy

Whether challenges come forth in the form of health afflictions or in the personal domain, however it may manifest for the person, the situation will ALWAYS be related to growth.

What does that mean?

When we chose to emerge onto Planet Earth in this incarnation to have a physical experience in a human body, we did so, knowing life would be full of challenges. 

The type of challenges one experiences will differ from person to person. Why? The soul of every person is unique as are the inner beings. Some people have one or even more of the same inner beings. However, the soul in totality will differ from person to person. That means the soul as a collective is different in all humans. 

If you have ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and positive feelings emerged and there was a subsequent instant attraction and perhaps even chemistry between you and the other person, it is because there is a shared memory from a past life.

Feelings and emotions may at times be very powerful and overshadow the person's being. Obsession towards another person can at times dominate a person's life. This is due to memories which are surfacing from the soul via the spirit. 

Conversely, if you meet a person for the first time and you feel unsettled or uneasy from within, negative emotions are surfacing, or sometimes there may be instant dislike or disdain, these emotions are also memories surfacing which are being generated by the soul. 

Agreements are made by the soul prior to our incarnation onto Planet Earth. Agreements range from the selection of our spiritual guides, which have the responsibility to guide us during our lives, until such time, we make the connection to our inner self. Once the connection to our inner self is made, the outer spiritual guides are relieved of that responsibility. You may call on the external spiritual guides at any time. However, once the inner connection is made, everything one requires is contained within.

Another form of agreement which is made is the selection of the parents we will have and the family one is born into. We also make agreements relating to the gender we will be and the types of experiences we will have relating to the choices we have made, siblings, relationships with future partners, marriages, divorces, illnesses, health afflictions we will experience. Also, life threatening situations relating to illnesses which will be the catalyst to the spiritual awakening we are born to experience, personal emotional challenges of the heart, financial challenges, career challenges and much more. 

Decisions and agreements are made by the soul prior to the incarnation process. However, when one is born the spirit is unaware of the decisions and agreements which were made. 

The soul knows everything about you. Why? The soul is an extension of who you are. It is the older, broader, wiser part of you. The sum total of the collective consciousness of who you are. Your spirit is your name and your personality.

It is through the spirit all growth takes place. So whenever a situation arises relating to any form of challenge and one acknowledges the growth situation, happiness reigns within your soul. Acknowledgement and having awareness is the first step to moving forward to a resolution or the healing of a emotional wound. 



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