Soul Agreements - Part 2

Image credit: Liane Metzler

Image credit: Liane Metzler

The following information has been shared with me from the Company of Heaven for many years, long before I began to work as an Energetic Healer and Spiritual Educator in 2003. 

I educate the clients I work with sharing the knowledge I will now share. And now I have been Divinely guided to broaden the teachings to humanity.

Prior to our emergence onto Planet Earth in the physical form, there is a sacred process which takes place which directs a person's life journey.

The process is as follows - 

Many souls we have known in the past and souls we have not interacted with before assemble in a special room. The majority of the souls are from previous relationships in past lives. The meeting is overseen by a highly evolved member of The Divine World.

The purpose of the meeting is to make agreements relating to the life we are going to experience. 

Meeting together prior to one's incarnation is of the utmost importance. The special meeting is where agreements are made relating to the following:

~ Our Sacred Contract is established. The following all relate in one way or another, to every person's Sacred Contract and spiritual journey.

~ The selection of one's personal spiritual guides and the agreements made.

~ The selection of one's mother, father, grandmother and grandfather, nationality and our religion.

~ Selection of our gender.

~ Selection of our sexuality, sexual preferences, whether we will be heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual or lesbian. Our sexual preferences are selected by the soul prior to our birth.

~ Selection of the personal and intimate relationships one will encounter.

~ Spouse or spouses.

~ Selection of our siblings.

~ Selection of our children.

~ Selection of pets and love of animals.

~ Selection of career paths.

~ Selection of illnesses. Many people select to experience specific illness as part of their soul's journey. Some illnesses are very serious and can be life threatening. When this occurs, the soul has selected these specific circumstances for the purpose of very important and specific spiritual growth which the soul would like to be fulfilled. 

~ Selection of our future Energy Healers, Spiritual Educators and Mentors, Medical Practitioners,  Chiropractors, Dentists, Lawyers, Alternative Therapy Practitioners and more. Special agreements are made with specific souls, which entail their services will provide the best possible outcome and solutions, to the challenges being presented to them, at the specific time when the assistance is required.

All of the above are determined prior to our incarnation onto Planet Earth.

Soul Agreements Part 3 will elaborate on the above choices made, prior to our emergence as spiritual beings emerging onto the physical plane Planet Earth, to have a spiritual experience in a human body.


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