Soul Agreements - Part 3

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Image credit: Trail

 Sacred Contracts

Our Sacred Contract is the most important of all of the Agreements made by the Soul prior to the incarnation process emerging onto Planet Earth as a physical being.

The Sacred Contract contained within every person is the Soul's desire of what it has emerged to fulfill during its life time on Planet Earth.

The Sacred Agreement is made by the soul when the decisions are being made, in the special room I wrote about in Soul Agreements - Part 2.

During our lifetime, at some point the Sacred Contract is generally, not always, revealed to the person. Some people experience many different and challenging facets of life, yet the Sacred Contract will not be revealed. Why? The soul is well aware the person will not comply with and fulfil the soul's desire.

If the person is here on Earth and the mission is very specific, meaning it has specific agreements which were made prior to emerging onto the physical plane, which only that person can execute, the soul will awaken the person with the knowledge some way or somehow best suited for the person. An example of this is, specific people have made agreements relating to energy healing work for specific people. And regardless of where else a person may go for the energy work, the results will be different and less positive, than if the person has the work conducted by the person the soul agreement was made with. I have personally witnessed and experienced this with the sacred work I conduct. 

The Sacred Contract revelation may occur by chance revealed by a psychic, a clairvoyant, an energy healer during a healing session or an interaction, in meditation, via attending a workshop, webinar, educational event or via other avenues. In some cases, it is revealed to the person during an illness. Why? This is the awakening the soul is wanting, so it can undertake its Sacred mission. Side note, this was the case relating to me. My soul selected a serious illness to be experienced by me, in order for me to have my Sacred Contract revealed. 

The soul of every person knows the most appropriate time for the sacred information to be imparted. Once the revelation has been made to to person, it is up to the person to decide whether or not they are going to pursue it. 

Generally speaking, when the Sacred Contract is revealed and the person connects to the essence of the mission, the person LOVES WHAT THEY DO AND THEY DO WHAT THEY LOVE. When you are engaging in your sacred mission, it is so enjoyable, it does not feel like you are working. You wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated looking forward to the day ahead. I share this knowledge from my own personal experiences. 

As previously mentioned in a former blog, the soul is the sum total of the collective consciousness of who we are. Our spirit represents our name and our personality. Through our spirit, the soul generates all of the experiences we have and encounter. 

Our spirit will often deny us the pleasure of living our Sacred Contract. It opposes the soul's desire. When this happens, hardships, difficulties and varying degrees of different challenges are generated and experienced in most domains of life. When your Sacred Mission is really important, meaning you have emerged into this incarnation to be of service in the world to contribute and you hesitate to attain that, the challenges one experiences can be quite difficult. Again, I share this knowledge from my own past experiences.

Sacred Contracts in the majority of cases have the option to be revoked. Many clients have requested their Sacred Contract to be revealed during the work I conduct. To date, I have personally encountered only three clients, which requested me to access their Sacred Contract and reveal it to them during a healing session and then have it revoked. Why? They were married with a family and had absolutely no desire whatsoever, to conduct the work and the subsequent mission which was revealed to them. Following the revoking of their Sacred Contract, the people were released from the agreement made by the soul prior to emerging onto Planet Earth. This allowed all three people the freedom to live the way they chose to live, without formal commitments and restrictions. 

Specific people on Planet Earth are forbidden to have the Sacred Contract revoked. The Sacred Mission is so important because of the soul agreements which were made prior to emerging onto Planet Earth. Many energy healers and others are under this banner. 

The soul rejoices and feels exhilarated when one is living their Sacred Contract. People are easily recognizable when they are fulfilling their Sacred Mission. They shine from within, they love what they do and do what they love and their vocation is their vacation and their vacation is their vocation. 

Have you accessed your Sacred Contract yet? Are you living your soul's desire? 

If you feel sluggish or fatigued, have a heavy heart, have unresolved matters relating to wounded emotions, are experiencing constant or intermittent pain, suffer with insomnia, have lost interest in life, constantly feel anger and sadness which are the emotions underlying depression, feel scattered and have no direction, are constantly unwell, have a medical condition which is not responding to your current treatment, are unhappy with your current career path, feel sick whenever you have to go to work, or are generally searching for answers, the work I conduct will not only give you clarity, it will also transform energy. You will experience energy transformation and feel many positive benefits. I will access the SOUL-U-TION for you and convey to you the clarity you are seeking.

If you are not yet aware of why you are here on Earth and you would like your soul's purpose revealed to you, you may make an appointment to have energy healing and spiritual consulting with me. I will access the information you are wanting. 

To book an appointment you may email me at: or through my website You may also call me on my mobile on  Lisa: (+ 61) 0424 957 779 to have a brief chat to see whether I'm the suitable person to assist you. 


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