Spiritual Guides

Image credit: J.W

Image credit: J.W

Prior to our emergence onto Planet Earth as a physical being, agreements are made with specific souls to be our spiritual guides. 

The selection of our spiritual guides is an important decision made during the process with other decisions relating to the family we will be born into, the nationality we will be, our religion and more.

Spiritual guides are not our guardian Angel. Our guardian Angel is the one being that oversees our birth and is with us throughout our entire life. Our guardian Angel has not had a human incarnation and is always present providing us with grace when we require it. Call on your guardian Angel when you are requiring reassurance, uplifting, having doubts and much more. Although they are invisible and intangible, their presence is always with you and they love to help you. 

Our spirit guides differ. We can have one or at times more than one spirit guide. The guides are selected prior to emerging onto Planet Earth. Quite often they are souls we have known from a previous incarnation, which we are fond of and select to entrust to oversee our spiritual journey. They are often relatives or very close friends from the past.

Depending on the mission you have emerged to fulfill, spirit guides can be ascended masters and other beings of light, which have held positions of authority in past lives. It is not uncommon for ascended masters to reveal their presence in one's life at the appropriate time.

Spiritual guides are allocated to us to guide us, however they are not permitted to interfere in our lives. Their role is to steer us along our path. 

Spiritual guides serve a positive purpose in our lives. They stay with us until such time we make the conscious connection to our inner beings, also known as our inner self. 

Once the conscious connection is made to our inner self, and the awareness is present, our spiritual guide/s are relieved of the mission to guide you. We are not allocated replacement spiritual guides. 

Once the connection to the inner self is made, we are meant to always remain aware, conscious and connected. The connection to within, which in time results in blending or integration, is a process every person is here on Planet Earth to experience and live from.

If you make the connection within and you learn to harness the energy, the inner guidance one receives can be extremely beneficial and helpful.

Generally speaking, human beings nourish their physical body, hydrate it with fluids, water is one of the universal solvents and is essential for good health, we exercise to maintain fitness and we sleep to rest our physical body and allow the body to do its cleaning throughout the night. However, meditation is often neglected. Yet, meditation is an integral part of healthy living.

Meditation is nourishment for the soul. In many cases it is medicine from the the soul to assist the owner of the body to heal from within. When one meditates the soul rejoices.

Whether conscious or unconscious, the soul conveys messages to assist us on our spiritual journey. Meditation is so important in the healing process when one is seriously compromised with a health affliction or health challenges. Just as the soul created the health challenge, it too has the resources to resolve the issue. All health challenges are related to growth for the person. There is a purpose for all afflictions and lessons involved, if one chooses to see the growth opportunity being presented.

Once the connection within has been accomplished and awareness and conscious living is present, if one chooses to disconnect from the inner self, the soul will create major challenges in different domains of life.

Disconnection is not meant to take place. I have personally witnessed this happen to people I have helped, which were guided to me for energetic healing, because they were out of balance.

The disconnection to their inner self had caused a series of situations which led to depression. Once the connection to their inner self was re-established, life became much more settled and more peaceful.

Connecting to our inner self, establishing who we actually are, then establishing who is in charge - the higher self or the lower self also known as the ego, is what all humans on Planet Earth have come to experience. 

If you are experiencing signs of feeling disconnected to your inner self and are wanting to feel reconnected and what I have written resonates with you, the work I conduct is able to facilitate the process. 

Please visit my website www.caringenergetichealing.com for further details. Or you may email me at: lisa@caringenergetichealing.com to book an appointment for a free 10 minute spiritual consult. 


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