Sacred Relationships

Image credit:  Joe Yates @josephyates_  

Image credit:  Joe Yates @josephyates_  


The Sacred Agreements we make prior to the physical experience on Planet Earth relating to relationships are not always fulfilled. 

Various situations, circumstances and events which transpire throughout one's life trajectory, will often cause these agreements to change . This occurrence is becoming increasingly more common on Planet Earth.

It is the Higher Self of the soul of the individual which will govern the change of the trajectory. Why? Situations and circumstances transpired which were not anticipated as a soul prior to the incarnation.  

Every soul which is incarnated onto Planet Earth as a physical being has emerged as a growth seeking being. Never throughout history have we had the freedom of speech relating to spiritual matters like we have today. Combined with the technological age, the opportunities for expansion of consciousness are limitless.

People all over the world are being activated from within and via the sun's rays, with their inner gifts, talents and knowledge to help the evolution of the Planet. The aim is to eventually have fifth dimensional living. We have all emerged as teachers whether we are aware of this knowledge or not. 

Due to the technological age which cannot be regulated, in addition to the inner awakening by the soul every person is experiencing, people are growing spiritually because of all of the information being distributed. Subsequently, people are changing and evolving at a rapid rate, which has resulted in agreements which were made prior to incarnation on Planet Earth becoming compromised and invalidated by the soul.  

Inner conflict and confusion is reigning for many people because of this. It is an issue which must be addressed in order for people to have peace and balance in their life. One must come to terms with what is. When one refuses to listen to the inner guidance, extraordinary challenges transpire which can really knock one down. Seek your internal guidance by connecting to your higher self for total clarity relating to these situations.


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