The Law of Deliberate Creation

Image credit: Havilah Galaxy

Image credit: Havilah Galaxy


Do You Give Your Attention To What You Do not Want and Create by Default?

I did just that for many years prior to learning the universal Law of Deliberate Creation. Whenever we give our attention to what we do not want in our lives, we actually draw that to us by the Law of Creation.

The Law of Deliberate Creation states, that which is given emotion to is created. So when you are not wanting something to transpire give it no attention whatsoever. If you create thoughts by default relating to something you are not wanting, say in your mind, "I delete the thought and return it to the sender."

An example is, "I don't want to acquire a cold or have the flu this winter or throughout the year." Refrain from saying I don't want. The minute you say I don't want, you are giving it attention and it will be more likely than not be created by default. Instead you may choose to say, "this year during the winter months I will have vibrant health and have radiant energy at all times." You are hence giving attention to wellness and creating the positive emotions, which will result in the deliberate creation of wellness. 

Prior to gaining this knowledge about the Law of Creation I created many unwanted things in my life, by giving them attention and focusing on and praying for what I did not want. Instead I should have been focusing my energy and thoughts on what I actually wanted to create.

Now I avoid the best I can giving attention to things I have no desire of creating.  Instead I focus my energy and attention on deliberately creating what I do want in my life. 


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