The Evolution of the Soul

Image credit: Julia Caesar

Image credit: Julia Caesar


Everyday we are evolving whether we are aware of it or not. The more awakened and conscious you are, the more you will witness the evolution of your soul taking place.

Every person is meant to awaken and make the connection to their spirituality in this physical incarnation on Planet Earth. There are no exceptions, we are all meant to connect. 

This physical incarnation relates to the soul's journey. We emerged onto Planet Earth knowing we have chosen to be here and have a physical experience to enable us to learn, grow, heal from within, change, transform and evolve.  

As we grow spiritually the soul's consciousness expands. And whenever one has energy healing, not only does the healing soothe and balance the physical body and the aura, the soul also receives healing. The soul rejoices when this transpires. 

Whenever one grows from lessons and experiences the soul also rejoices. This is what the soul of every person is actually seeking. All experiences, challenges, afflictions and more are created by the soul in a co-creation process with another person, people or groups of people. Why? The soul is seeking growth by the human. If one does not have awareness and does not see the lesson or the growth opportunity being presented, the soul will recreate the event, situation or circumstance. This is referred to as a repeating pattern.

Repeating patterns are very common across the entire world. The soul of every person wants emotional wounds healed. We are not meant to hold onto emotional baggage. It serves no positive purpose.

Being a victim to past experiences just drains one's energy. The past is the past, it cannot be changed. Releasing the past is what gives one the freedom from within. Freedom from emotional turmoil. 

Freeing yourself of past emotional wounds and emotional baggage is the key to emotional freedom. First one must have the awareness of why one is feeling the sadness, grief, feeling unfair, anxiety, anger, depression and other negative emotions. Then one must be willing to release the emotion  and the person or people concerned, followed by forgiving the person or the people which co-created with you, followed by forgiving yourself. Last but not least, give appreciation and gratitude to the universe and your higher self for the experience you have had. It has helped you to learn, grow, heal from within, change, transform and evolve.

Your soul will rejoice at the growth you do because this is precisely what it is seeking.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing modality one can use to tap on negative and unwanted emotions to dissipate them. Information realting to EFT may be accessed at: or Google Nick Ortner - The Tapping Solution.  




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