Living in the Present

Image credit: Amy Treasure

Image credit: Amy Treasure

Living in the Present verses Living in the Past

In the previous blog I wrote about the evolution of the soul. Today I want to elaborate on living in the here and now, releasing the past and giving minimal attention to the future.

When you live in the past you're a victim to past experiences. Your emotions are affected, your energy is drained, you will feel unhappy and your day will inevitably be adversely affected. 

The greatest and best thing you can do for your spirit and your soul is cease dwelling on matters relating to the past. The past is as it is, you cannot change it.

Instead focus your awareness and attention in the present moment and in the day, focusing on what you are doing, executing it diligently to the best of your ability and allowing positive things to be created through you via your soul and your spirit. Whilst you are giving the majority of your attention to the present, your energy is stronger because you are not diluting it by focusing on the past, which has been and gone.

Whatever you focus your attention on has the potential for greater things to develop. Fully immerse yourself with the most positive thoughts and positive desires relating to whatever you are wanting the present moment outcome to be. Visualize what you desire in your mind and allow the universe to provide it for you. 

Everything is energy. All thoughts are noted by your soul and the universe. You are planting seeds everyday, allow them to germinate and bring wonderful opportunities into your life. 

Focus a small and minimal amount of attention to the future. Why? There are too many unpredictable variables which can transpire. Focusing your energy and attention on the present moment will bring you a greater return and paves the way for future events to unfold. 


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